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    • Special Rules Can Be Bought

      440,000 people die every year from preventable medical errors. That’s right, medical malpractice kills almost a half a million people a year. Want to know something else? In most states, including North Carolina, the doctors and hospitals can get away with it, no accountability.

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    • Casting your vote

      Many of you know that I have a “thing” for the Constitution. I frequently write about our rights as they are set out in the first 10 amendments, The Bill of Rights. My passion for protecting “citizen rights,” the rights of the people, extends to all threats, foreign and domestic, and let me be clear, I absolutely believe that our rights are threatened.

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    • Insurance…20/20 Hindsight

      “Had I known then what I know now…” is a phrase that we hear a lot. Very often we hear this from a client after they find out that there is no more insurance money available to them.

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    • Insurance & Body Shops: BEWARE

      Okay, you have been in a wreck. You have damage to your car. You want to get your car fixed. For purposes of this article it doesn’t matter if you are at fault and using your collision because you hit your mailbox or you were struck by a drunk driver and using their insurance or your uninsured coverage.

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