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Motorcycle Accidents

JET-motorcycle-accidentsThe greatest potential for conflict between you and other traffic is at intersections. An intersection can be in the middle of a city or at a driveway in the country. More than half of motorcycle versus car crashes occur when a car enters a rider’s right of way.

In crashes with motorcycles, drivers often say that they never saw the motorcycle. Car and truck drivers are generally looking for cars and trucks and often don’t consider the much smaller outline created by a motorcycle and its rider. In essence, they are looking through, around and over the motorcycle for threatening cars and trucks.

Motorcycle collisions typically involve serious injuries as the motorcyclist has significantly less protection than those in vehicles rather than on them. Too, motorcyclists are often discriminated against by other motorists. This means people tend to blame motorcyclists even if they did nothing wrong. Therefore, it is important to get representation early to make sure the facts of what happened are preserved for trial and all of the possible financial resources have been discovered.

In terms of the law, the same rules of the road that applies to cars applies to motorcycles and we encourage you to read the section entitled “motor vehicle collisions” to better understand the law. We have represented numerous clients who were injured while riding their motorcycles. We have gone to trial on many motorcycle cases and settled many more. Often times the biggest issue in these cases is negotiating the medical expenses as frequently the injury value exceeds the amount of coverage. We appreciate all the difficulties encountered and look forward to an opportunity to help you or your loved one injured by the negligence of another while enjoying the thrill of the ride.

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If you have been in a motorcycle accident please do not hesitate to contact us or call toll free at 800.351.3008 for your FREE CONSULTATION. We have handled motorcycle accident cases throughout the United States and we look forward to the opportunity to serve your legal needs.

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